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At its best, real architecture has the power to move. It evokes a sense of wonder at its beauty, light and proportion.

Like the very music we love the best, it can – and should – touch the soul.

I have many years of experience as an architect, working at different times on almost all types of building. Now I focus on residential architecture and by working closely with you and responding with care and passion to your brief and the context of the project, I help to create a beautiful home that turns your dream into exquisite reality.

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Sustainable design

RIBA chartered

Extensions & refurbishments


Enhancing an existing property, or starting from scratch with a completely new building are equally welcome projects and equally deserving of elegant design. It goes without saying that meeting the budget, providing comfort, sound scientific construction, sustainability and low energy use are also part of the deal.

My dream is to help you achieve yours.

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